Winter Bird Feeding Tips

During cold winter months, a steady flow of birds are sure to visit a well stocked yard. Here is a list of tips and tricks to entice our feathered friends!

This high-energy birdfood is one of the most important offerings during the winter months. It is a great source of energy to replace the protein rich insects that are hard to find in the winter. Store extra suet in your freezer so you are sure to never run out.

Fresh, unfrozen water is vital to birds in winter. Invest in a bird bath heater, or place a bowl of warm water out everyday for your backyard birds.

Don’t remove your birdhouses during the winter! Birds need plenty of roosting places to provide shelter and keep warm.

Instead of throwing out your old Christmas tree, throw it on the ground, along with other shrubbery and logs, where it can offer extra cover.

Many ground feeding birds will welcome seed sprinkled on the snowy ground where it is easily found. Piles of leaves attract insects that ground feeders would love to snack on.

Offer a variety of foods at various feeders throughout your yard. Put out seeds of several varieties and mixes, fruit such as orange halves, crumbled bakery items, chopped nuts, and popcorn. Of course birds never tire of black oil sunflower seeds, which in addition to high protein meat, boasts a high concentration of oil. Birds use their oil glands to spread the oil over their feathers to keep them buoyant, dry and warm.

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