Upright Rollator Walker with Foldable Transport Seat

Photo of Upright Rollator Walker with Foldable Transport Seat MOB1033BLK from Mountain View Medical Supply

Aiding in mobility, the Upright Rollator Walker eliminates tension in the shoulders and neck and allows users to look forward.

Safely supporting up to 300 pounds, the Upright Walker is constructed with durable aluminum that is lightweight for easy portability.

Features a lightly padded seat with a backrest for comfortable, on-the-go seating.

Easily folding, the lightweight walker easily fits in the trunk of a car and in compact storage areas.

Handles easily adjust for a custom fit and include loop hand brakes for assisting in navigating inclines and securely locking the wheels.

Easy to secure and remove, the Upright Walker storage bag safely holds daily necessities and includes a padded shoulder strap.

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May 25, 2023 5:00 am Published by