Theracane, what would I do without you?

Business first. Our AD601BK Cardio stetho has been reduced from $111.05 to $98.21.

Now, on to THERACANE! If you dont know what a Theracane is, let me assure you, as a back pain sufferer, it is simply AMAZING. Wonderful. Heaven-sent.


If you dont have a Theracane, NOW is the time to get one, before the Theracane Gods (or whomever came up with this amazing gadget) realizes the potential in their miracle-producing-hands, and gets greedy!

I feel like Theracane is my own personal Justin Bieber. Full of talent and its moments away from exploding onto the scene, making grown-ups weep and well….you get the drift.


Theracane was $38.67, and is now only $35.15!

Seriously, I worship my theracane and its pain-relieving abilities, and Im sure you will too! This product gets out those muscle bound knots and kinks like nobody’s business!

Click HERE to buy one now, pronto, vaminos! You wont regret it.

June 13, 2011 9:10 pm Published by