Nova Shower Chair Accessories

Bath Seat Basket
We love the Bath Seat Basket because having all of your bathing necessities – the soap, sponge, and shampoo – within reach is a must.  The Ultimate Bathing Experience is all about your safety, comfort, and convenience and the Bath Seat Basket makes that happen. 
NO9605-R – Our Price = $13.00
Showerhead Holder
This holder for hand held shower heads makes showering much more convenient because this holder puts it in the perfect spot.  t securely attaches to most bath bench arms or legs with a 3/4″ or 1″ diameter tube.  Sold by the each.  
NO9306-R – Our Price = $5.45
Hand Held Shower, Deluxe
Extra long 84″ reinforced hose allows user to shower while seated.  This is a must for all bath benches.   Features 5 Settings: Regular, Shower Spray, Massage, Water Drip, Shower Stop.  Includes wall mounting holder an an On/Off valve allows for water flow control.  
NO9311-R – Our Price = $25.00
Bath Seat Cushion
This Nova Bath Seat Cushion helps make life better, especially in the bath – with a little cushion on the tush.  It adds comfort while bathing and fits all standard size bath benches.  Cushion dimensions:  7″d x 15″w.   Blue.
NO9601B – Our Price = $12.00
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