New Year Resolutions

Apparently there is a right way and a wrong way to make new year resolutions. For me, approximately 50-75% of resolutions fall by the wayside, most by January 31st. I found out that to reach a goal, you need to have a game plan for achieving that goal. I expect great success this year with this new knowledge!

The top resolution in the US is spending more time with family and friends. Maybe because we spend two major holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, with friends and family, by January we feel we have already met this goal and check it off the list. So when December rolls around, it becomes a resolution again!

Number 2 and 3 on the resolution list is fitness and weight loss. As a person who hits the gym year round, I hit it harder in November and December because January and February are jackpot months for gym memberships. By March, most gym passes are collecting dust and the wait for a machine is non-existent once again. You gotta stick with it!

Number 4 on the list is to quit smoking. I think this used to be higher on the list when smoking in the home or public places was more acceptable, and inevitably easier to do. My philosophy on this one is that until a smoker is ready to quit, it wont happen. And most smokers quit randomly. They wake up one day and decide to do it. Pick a day, any day, and just do it!

Number 5 on the list is to enjoy life more. As I get older, this goes higher on my “everyday” list. At the end of my life, I want to slide in sideways and exclaim “what a ride!”.

Number 6 is to quit drinking. I thought drinking several glasses of red wine per week was recommended because it was actually proven to be heart healthy? Im going with that…

Number 7 on the list is to get out of debt. Of all of the goals, this one needs a solid game plan! We live in a country of excess and its almost the norm to spend more than we make. Kill two birds with one stone and have a potluck game night with friends and family. How fun!

Number 8 is learning something new. I think it counts if instead of a romance novel, you read a biography about someone interesting, like Marilyn Monroe. Or, the Discovery Channel is always documenting and showing new things!

Number 9 on the list is helping others. This one, in my opinion should be higher on the list. We are a country of giving and it is in our nature to help others. From donating clothes from your closet to mentoring a child who has no strong family structure, we can all find a way to help out someone in need.

Finally number 10 is get organized! This one can help you achieve all of your resolutions/goals! Planning can be bare basics. If you’re a techie, use the calendar/planner on your phone device or computer/iPad. If you are not a techie, there are small pocket planners up to large day timers to help keep you on the right path.
Only you hold the key to your life, so go on, drive it and have a great year!

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