Laurel’s is Coming! Laurels is Coming!

As previously announced, we are expanding our business to include Laurels Uniform & Apparel.

This has added several fun things to my job, including this signage:

Because of our expansion, the bank account is on limited funds for advertising and other fun stuff. I literally created this wall signage for under $15!

Here is how:
Purchased Wausau Astrobrights Print and Stick Adhesive Backed Heavy Duty Paper.
Created lettering and designs in MS Publisher Program.
Printed out lettering.
Cut out lettering. (plus a cut on my finger, or two…its been a long time since kindergarten!)
Apply to Wall.

Supplies needed to apply: Pencil (with non-marking eraser) to mark the spots, ruler to get correct spacing, leveler to make sure all letters are straight. Oh, and a ladder if you are applying up high.

I love my job!

Oh – Our Grand Re-Opening is September 20-25th! Be sure to join us for great sale prices on apparel and stethoscopes, along with goodie bags and prizes!

August 23, 2010 7:07 pm Published by