Last minute gift ideas for you men out there!

Happy Singles Awareness Day!

I have to admit, I like Valentines Day. However, now that my marriage is more “mature”, I feel like the only people who “win” are the greeting card, candy and flower companies. I would rather my husband pick a random day, when restaurants arent overflowing, and the grocery stores arent bathed in flowers at the front door, to do one random, small thing that says “I love you”.

But since Hallmark requires men to focus on this one day in February, and most men wait until the last second to shop, I thought I would list a few gift ideas to help you show you partner how much you love them. (or at least to keep you out of hot water and off the couch)

1) Make an appointment to get your yearly physical (and then actually go). You heard me. Has your wife ever had to encourage/nag you to go to the doctor? Assuming your wife loves you and wants you around, this is a great gesture. We women love a man who takes care of himself, and this tells her that you want to be healthy for her as well. However, you do need to pair this gift with a heartfelt handwritten note professing your love and appreciation for your lady/wife.

2) A really nice scarf. Shopping for these is easier because you avoid the heavy traffic areas. It should feel nice to the touch and not too loud in color. A scarf is perfect because you dont risk getting the wrong size, its classy, elegant and looks nice at any age. Again, pair this with a handwritten note and perhaps a pair of matching gloves.

3) Dinner at home. Order to-go food and pick it up on the way home if you dont/cant cook. Or, grab steaks and some pre-made side dishes at the grocery store and do what you do best: grill! Add some candles to the table and a bottle of wine, and you are good as gold. Put a little thought and effort into this meal, and then clean up afterwards and you will score major brownie points!

4) Give her a massage and then run her a tub. Buy a special bottle of lotion or body oil and some bubble bath and make sure the massage lasts at least 30 minutes (the longer the better!). Then, run her a nice bubble bath with a little music and some candles. Pamper her a bit and show her that you appreciate her.

5) Clean the house and then put some flowers on the table. You think Im kidding. Women love it when you clean! Dust, vacume, clean the toilets and sinks, mop the kitchen floor, pick up the mess in the entryway. The smell of Pinesol with the flowers will be heaven to her!

Things to avoid:
Teddy Bears. Think about it – what would YOU do with a teddy bear?
Lingerie. Unless you have been successful with this in the past, avoid it.
(Note: You could offer to take her shopping to pick out her lingerie together, but only if you can do this without sighing the whole time)
Dinner without reservations. Waiting for your table will only give her time to dwell on the fact that you didnt care enough to plan ahead.
Unhealthy flowers. Waiting until the last minute sometimes give you slim pickin’s in the flower department. Dont do it! Buy a flowering plant if you have to.

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