iReliev Small Pads Refill Kit for Wired Models, CM5050-4-R

photo of iReliev Small Pads Refill Kit CM5050-4-R from Mountain View Medical Supply

Constructed with iReliev® premium hydrogel – a proven gel with uncompromising adhesion, performance, and longevity. Multi-layer adhesive provides optimal bonding to the skin.

High Quality Pads that Stick to your Skin.

iReliev® Premium Electrode Pads were made with you in mind. The highest quality you can have, our pads are reusable and self-adhering, providing easy application and repositioning. Offering you superior design, durability, and performance with exceptional value, your pain doesn’t stand a chance.

Fits ET-8080, ET-7070, ET-1313 wired models.

2″x2″ small pad electrodes with pigtail pin. 16 pads per pack. Sold by the pack.

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