How to Use a 4-Wheeled Walker

Virginia brought her mother, Ida, into our store recently to find a new walker that would “fit” better. As it turns out, Ida had the correct size walker, but she was not using it correctly. Our staff gave her instructions, had her practice the instructions, and sent her happily on her way.

Here is how to use a 4-Wheeled Walker:

1) Make sure the handlebar height is at the crease of your wrist when your arms are relaxed at your sides while standing straight upwards.
2) Lean on the walker while standing mostly upright, allowing it to roll forward with control as you step forward. You should not be hunched over and your walker should not be too far in front of you. Basically, you should be walking IN the space of the walker, not behind it.
3) To slow the walker down, squeeze or pull up on the handbrake.
4) Activate the handbrake by pushing down on the handbrake. To release the brake, carefully squeeze the brake handles again, being careful not to pinch fingers.
5) Always lock the brakes prior to sitting on the walker.
6) To sit on the walker, turn around and back up until you feel the seat touch the back of your legs. Get a firm grip on the handlebars and lower yourself down to the seated position on the seat.
7) To stand up from the seat of the walker, make sure the brakes are still on and position your feet firmly and directly under the knees, about shoulder width apart. Get a firm grip on the handlebars and stand up using leg and arm strength if possible.

August 17, 2010 4:05 pm Published by