Happy Thanksgiving!


Thursday, November 25th – Closed
Friday, November 26th – Open 9am – 3pm
Saturday, November 27th – Closed

Here is the official list of things I am thankful for:

I am thankful that I am healthy and able bodied. Although my sanity is still in question.

My family and their health. They contribute to my questionable sanity, but I love them dearly!

My job. It affords me creativity (such as this blog). And a paycheck. And insurance. Many of us are going without one or both at this time.

Freedom. Especially as a woman, I try to remember that there are those that fear for their lives on a daily basis because they do not live in a free country, or in a country free from conflict.

Beauty and Love. These two things can be found in the darndest places. Remember to stop, take a moment and enjoy.

Have a wonderful Holiday!

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