Guide to Buying a Lift Chair

A lift chair is usually a recliner-type chair that when the user wants to stand up, the chair lifts them into the standing position. Some chairs can also double as a place to sleep, for those that are mostly bed-ridden, and need or want to stay in a common area of a home.

Lift chairs can be a big purchase, but basic models can start at around $545.

So what should you look for when buying a lift chair? Here is a guide to help you get started!

First, determine a size. A lift chair should fit the user, much like clothing. The chair will be more comfortable if the user isnt “swimming” in a big chair, or too cramped in a chair that is too small. Lift chairs are available from petite to extra large sizes and are typically categorized by the users height. For extra tall users, extended footrests are available. Be sure to take into consideration all of the chair measurements such as the the seat to floor measurements and the top of back to seat measurements. Make sure these measurements are compatible with the users leg and torso measurements.

Second, determine the use of the chair. Will the user sleep in the chair, or use it mostly during the day, similar to a traditional recliner? Lift chairs are available in basic 2 position (TV recline), 3-position (full recline) reclining chairs or “infinite-position” chairs. Infinite position chairs lay back into a sleeper position.

Third, determine what type of fabric you prefer. Basic upholstery is very nice, but suede, micro-suede, vinyl and leather are also available.

Fourth, determine the type of back of chair option you prefer. This option is important so the users back is supported properly and comfortably. There are more than 8 different options, ranging from pillow back, button back, sewn split-back, biscuit back, shell back and more.

Lastly, determine if you need or want any special options. Some of the specialty collections provide innovative armrests and footrests, and some chairs have heat or massage options which can greatly improve quality of life.

Here at our store, we offer quite a few lift chair options in-stock. Come in, sit down, try them out and see what feels right for you. We can also place a special order lift chair that will arrive in a few weeks. Pick your color, size, style and options so you are sure to get the chair that fits YOU.

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