Genumedi® Comfort Knee Support for Soft Tissue Compression

photo of Genumedi Knee Support K102201, K102202, K102203, K102204, K102205, K102207, K102206 from Mountain View Medical Supply

Genumedi® is a knee support for soft tissue compression. Thanks to the ingenious knitting technology, it consists of a firm, compressive material. This gives the joint the required stability, yet is still easy to put on. The soft Comfort zone with its rippled structure and diamond center in the hollow of the knee provides the necessary comforts in wear, also when moving around. Thanks to the open border of the patella silicone ring, the pressure on the kneecap is noticeably lower.

The 3D silicone pad integrated in the bandage facilitates the reduction of swelling. A silicone dot coating and the firm connection with the knitted fabric and lateral rod material (non-slip) lead to an optimum slip-resistance of the Genumedi® knee bandage. The unique knitting technology in the region of the hollow of the knee prevents painful constriction. Because of the special combination of high-tech fibers and natural eucalypytus fibers, the Genumedi® knee bandage is gentle on the skin.

Thanks for Clima Comfort and Clima Fresh, the bandage convinces with its high breathability and antibacterial fiber technology to inhibit odors. Thus, the bandage is not just suitable in everyday life, but also during increased physical activity.

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