Eko CORE Digital Attachment for Stethoscope

photo of Eko CORE attachment with Stethoscope and mobile device

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Digitize the Stethoscope You Already Own

Get more from the stethoscope you already own with dual-mode acoustic and amplified listening. The new CORE Attachment enhances its powerful 40X amplification with Active Noise Cancellation—helping to reduce background noise even in noisy clinical settings. To further improve listening, we listened to our community and redesigned the CORE to be 25% smaller and 30% lighter, for more comfortable use throughout the day.

With CORE, you can toggle between traditional analog examination and loud, clear heart and lung sounds. Then visualize what you hear through waveforms streamed in real-time to a smartphone or tablet. Eko’s powerful software integrates seamlessly with the new CORE, enabling clinicians to deepen their analysis and even share exams for a second opinion. CORE is compatible with the most popular analog models and assembles in minutes to enhance auscultation.  


• Attaches to your own stethoscope and enhances auscultation through amplification, Active Noise Cancellation, and powerful software. 

• Compatible with most popular analog stethoscope models from 3M Littmann, ADC, Welch Allyn, MDF, and Medline with no cutting necessary.

• Toggle between analog listening and loud, clear sounds amplified up to 40X for unrivaled flexibility.

• Eko products are FDA cleared and used daily by clinicicans at over 4,000 schools, clinics, and hospitals.

• Wirelessly connect to Eko App to visualize, record, and save sounds for further analysis or securely share them for a second opinion.  Eko App is iOS and Android compatible.   

Pair with Eko Software

Pair CORE with Eko’s mobile app to unlock a powerful software toolkit.  

Features of Pairing with mobile app:

• Visualize heart sound waveform (phonocardiogram) in real-time

• Capture 15, 30, 60, or 120 second recordings

• Save & annotate recordings in the secure dashboard

• Securely share recordings for a second opinion

• Create a library of heart sounds for education or to monitor the progression of a disease

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