ConvaTec ESENTA™ Lubricating Deodorant

photo of ConvaTec Esenta Lubricating Deodorant 423574 from Mountain View Medical Supply

ESENTA™ Lubricating Deodorant is a dual-action product that can be used for odor control and lubrication. The spray stops odors and coats the pouch, allowing the stool to fall to the bottom and not build up around the stoma.


  • Lubricating spray coats the pouch to prevent stool buildup around the stoma that can compromise the seal.
  • Stops odor before it starts.
  • Made with natural eucalyptus, lavender, pine oils and other natural ingredients
  • Easy to use pump spray for use with both drainable and closed-end pouches.
  • Up to 68 applications per bottle*

8 oz spray bottle. Sold by the bottle.

*Using 3 sprays per application

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