Chain Drugstore Vs. Us

What is the difference between Mountain View Medical Supply and a chain drugstore?

We do have a few things in common. For example, we both offer wound care supplies. The difference is that drugstores offer a wide variety of basic gauze, tapes and ointments. Our medical supply store takes it to the next level and offers basic supplies up to advanced wound care supplies.

Drugstores offer walkers and some wheelchairs, and their online stores tend to offer a larger selection. At our store, we offer the best quality walkers and wheelchairs for the best prices possible. We dont have the same volume, so a product that is returned due to low-quality hinders our bottom line.

Both stores offer incontinence products such as adult diapers. Our medical supply line also includes ostomy supplies and catheters, which usually require a doctors prescription. While chain stores do deal with medicinal prescriptions, they typically dont deal with ostomy or catheter prescriptions.

Chain stores offer food supplements from vitamins to shakes such as Ensure. We offer some supplements, but we also carry liquid nutrition (which again usually requires a doctors prescription), for those that need food intravenously.

For everyday consumer items, chain drugstores can suffice, but if you have a more specific item you need, Mountain View Medical Supply can help!

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