EcoSox Bamboo Diabetic Socks

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EcoSox Bamboo Diabetic Socks feature enhanced moisture control & thermo-regulation, inhibits foot odor and blisters, integrated smooth toe seam for comfort & friction reduction, arch support for proper fit & to fight fatigue and a knitted reinforced heel and toe for ergonomic fit.  These socks are available in crew or quarter.    Read more…

Compression & Diabetic Socks

Sockwell socks are made with Cashmerino®/Homegrown American fine merino wool and Rayon from Bamboo.  Cashmerino® provides natural thermoregulation and moisture management.  It is super soft, durable, and resilient.  Rayon from Bamboo is a renewable fiber blend which balances durability and environmental friendliness with thermoregulation properties of wool and luxurious bamboo.
Compression socks
feature high performance Cashmerino®/Rayon from Bamboo, triple zone graduated compression, and seamless toe closure.
Diabetic socks
feature relaxed fit and non-binding and no shearing fit, ultra smooth toe closure, and moisture managing, odor, and blister-resistant fiber combination.
Plantar Ease Quarter socks provide firm support to the Plantar Fascia and the Achilles Tendon and applies pressure that encourages blood flow upward to reduce swelling which ultimately minimizes pain and discomfort.   

These Are Not Your Grandma’s Socks!

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Having lower limb conditions shouldn’t mean you have to wear orange-toned, institution-style socks!  Our new Sockwell brand socks feature styles, colors and patterns that bring a fresh spin to your feet.  Be well, in style!

These socks feature non-binding comfort top for reduced sock lines, comfort arch support, seamless toe closure, reinforced heel, and spandex throughout the sock to ensure proper support and fit all day long. 
Sockwell socks are made with custom crafted high performance fiber blends that provide natural thermoregulation, odor control and moisture management.  All fiber blends feature merino wool, bamboo, stretch nylon and spandex throughout.   
Compression socks feature 3 zones of 15-20mmHG compression levels for increased circulation.  Great for travel, those on their feet all day and more!
Diabetic socks feature relaxed fit leg, protective pressure dispersing cushion and extra softness for sensitive feet. 
Plantar Ease Quarter socks are for plantar fasciitis and firmly support the plantar fascia and the achilles tendon by applying pressure that encourages blood flow upward.  


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