Budget Cuts – At What Cost?

My grandmother recently moved back to Colorado from Illinois to be closer us, her immediate family. Since she isnt as familiar with the area, we made the decision that she should not drive, and she sold her car. The decision saved her money, but was also made possible by the fact that a local senior center offered a bus service that helps those without trasportation get to the doctor, grocery store, church, activities, etc. This particular service helps seniors on and off the bus, and will even make several trips with shopping bags into their home.
This service costs the seniors a couple of dollars each way and enabled them to get out and live a more active lifestyle while not having the expense or safety concern of them driving.
This week, we received a notice that the senior bus service may be discontinued due to budget cuts. While its understandable that our country is in a budget crisis, I think there has to be a solution other than just cutting the program altogether. My Grandmother said she would be willing to pay more to keep this transportation going. Maybe sponsors and donations could be found.
The ramificiations of discontinuing this service are great. It is widely known that the more active and involved seniors are, the healthier they are. If their mobility is taken away, are we accepting higher Medicare costs?

My oldest daughter is a self proclaimed “band geek”. She loves band, she loves music and even though she does not seek to persue a career in music, it has helped her in the career she has chosen: Science.
Our school district, like all districts across the country, are in a budget crisis. On the possible chopping block are music, art and PE programs. In our particular district, they are proposing the cut of 5th grade band programs. This means zero music in elementary school. Exposure to music at a young age is crucial, since middle schoolers care more about image and are less likely to try music for the first time.
Our parent band organization believes that if 5th grade band is cut, the high school programs are sure to lose up to 50% of participants in the next 3-5 years. Athletes have private options should their school sports be cut, but our band students cannot get the same experience in private programs because they do not exist.
If this program is cut, are we willing to deprive our children to the exposure of the arts and health and exercise at school?

February 12, 2010 4:34 pm Published by