Povidone Iodine Swabsticks

Povidone Iodine Swabsticks

Each swabstick is saturated with a 10% povidone iodine solution.
Ideal for antiseptic skin preparation, venipuncture, IV starts, renal dialysis, pre-op prepping and other minor invasive procedures.

3 tips per package, 25 packages per box.

DY1202 – Our Price = $11.20

Ultra Lightweight Ergonomic 18″ Wheelchair

Strongback 24 Ultra Lightweight Ergonomic 18″ Wheelchair with Desk Length Arms

The Strongback 24 is the first off-the-shelf standard folding manual wheelchair to provide frame-integrated effective posture support.  It’s unique shape promotes healthy upright sitting and ensures comfort from the first moment.  The Strongback 24 is as convenient, easy and simple to operate as conventional wheelchairs.

In addition to the outstanding ergonomics, the Strongback 24 also impresses with stylishly curved lines and its elegant yet sporty color scheme.  It exhibits all of the benefits expected in an ultra-lightweight wheelchair – it is easily foldable, simple to use, and highly portable.

SX1007 – Our Price = $699.95
In store discount available.  Please call 800-873-7121 to place an order or come to our store to purchase. 

Antimicrobial Liquid Soap

Antimicrobial Liquid Soap – Pump Bottle Clean Scent
• An antimicrobial hand soap designed to decrease bacteria on the skin.
• Antimicrobial formulation–helps protect against cross-contamination.
• Contains Triclosan 0.375% to kill bacteria on contact.
• Gentle formulation cleans and moisturizes hands.
• Rich in lather to thoroughly clean hands.
• Not Made With Natural Rubber Latex.
• 18 oz bottle with pump

MI53-28077-18 – Our Price = $5.50

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