Better Living Corner – Ostomy Cover

A customer recently needed help to find an ostomy bag cover that will better hold her pouch in place and make it more discrete.

WearClose Intimate Ostomy Apparel is “The next best thing to being naked”. It doesn’t just cover your ostomy pouch, it holds the pouch close to your body, creating a soft, smooth, sleek look, which is perfect for tighter clothing or intimate moments.
It is made with soft, breathable, elastic polymer fiber material which eliminates crunching noises, pendulum swinging and bulky silhouettes.
This apparel is available in Tan or Black and
fits both men or women. Garment is adjustable
to fit ostomies on the right or left side.
Sizes Small to Extra Large.
Here is a link to this product – and its even ON SALE!

January 21, 2010 10:01 pm Published by