Better Living Corner – Expecting in March

Jenny, one of our customers wrote to us: Luckily, I am having a problem-free pregnancy, with one exception. I cannot get comfortable! Can you help me?

The last trimester usually does bring discomfort, so hang in there! We have several products that can help provide comfort and keep potential problems at bay. Check these out:
Knee Ease Pillow – Spaces the knees apart, providing
relief to knee and hip joints. DU555-7980-1900 – $13.36
Wedge Pillows – Bed wedges that provide incline for
The upper body or the legs. From $24.10 – $38.05
Coccyx Cushion – Relives pressure from the tailbone
and spine when sitting. DU513-7938-2400 – $20.58
Compression Hose – Ask your doctor about these.
They can reduce leg swelling/fatigue & blood clot risk.
Extra Long Steel Shoe Horn – Reduce back stress and
strain! DU640-8174-1900 – $10.56
For post-pregnancy we have sitz bath’s, donut rings and more!

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